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How to Make a Sales Conference More Entertaining

By Sean Kanan

Planning a sales conference can be very time consuming and even daunting if you are new to the concept. One problem that a lot of attendees to conferences state is that they can often be quite dull and stuffy and this can lead to people losing interest in what is being said.

In order to keep the attention of the people who are attending the conference you need to make it more enjoyable. So here are some ways in which you can make a sales conference more entertaining. Lighten up a little. As soon as you start to relax so will everyone who is at the conference.

There is nothing worse than being too formal as this will not get you the results you want. By being more informal you will be able to get a dialogue going between you and the attendees, particularly if you want to introduce a question and answer session.

Have a mini awards ceremony where you can highlight good working practices and reward high achieving teams. This will give your employees something to aim for as they will want to get a mention at the next sales conference.

Use a wide range of mediums to show the ideas you want to bring to your employees. By using more than one medium you will hold the interest of your employees. For instance hosting a sales conference in which there are only speakers talking at a plinth are very boring.

Use visual aids such as powerpoint and video, try using recorded calls to highlight examples or introduce role playing. Any and all of these mediums will keep your employees focused on what you are presenting to them.

Think about ice breaking activities. These are commonly used on sales courses and sales programs and they can be very effective. If you are planning on having sections of the conference which will involve attendees completing tasks together they need to be able to work well together.

You can break down any awkwardness with ice breakers that will get everyone communicating with each other. Introduce a new product /service and allow your sales people to try selling it. This can be incredibly useful and you can use part of the conference as a sales course for new products.

You can tell your employees all about the product and then after giving them some time to think about see if anyone can really sell it to you. Doing this can be a lot more fun than you might think and you can get a lot of people involved with it.

Don’t spend too much time discussing anything that can be discussed at weekly sales meetings. There is a time and a place for this and a conference is not that. If you have any training issues give them the attention they need on sales training courses. Anything else can be timetabled for discussion during a weekly sales meeting.

You do not want to get bogged down in discussing the finer details of certain techniques when you are hosting a conference.

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