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If you only get the opportunity to do one sales course – DO THIS ONE!"

J. Billson / Managing Director
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We are proud of the feedback we receive from our clients:


"Fear – The Art of Selling provided lots of ideas for the sales process that will make a big difference if done correctly.  Tim did a great job of presenting topics in a fresh and relevant way.’"

G. Keller – Account Manager


"The sales training course provided me with a fantastic ground level understanding of selling as I embark on my sales career.  To find a sales course with such relevant content was a GREAT surprise."

A. Gresham – Managing Director


"The sales training course has given me the tools and confidence to be a successful sales person in any industry.’"

N. Annison – Channel Development Manager


"The sales training course is well constructed, well presented and builds on Tim’s vast level of sales experience.  Your return on your investment is a CERTAINTY!’"

M. Donnelly – National Sales Manager


"As a result of attending the sales training, I have already found the sales cycle reducing in time.  I have learnt to bring emotive drivers into my initial meetings with potential new clients.’"

G. Christieson – Business Development Manager


"In today’s world, I can’t think of a more relevant course on selling.  The breadth, depth and content covered, then summarised into readily usable tools, was amazing.  This sales training course is a ‘MUST DO!’"

M. Saddler – Managing Director


"Fear – The Art of Selling gave me an incredible foundation and structure from which I can build a successful sales career. I feel incredibly confident moving forward after the course and now I just need to practice, practice, practice! "

H. Browne - Business Development Manager


"The sales course provided a practical, hands on approach to selling IT products and services.  This included planning, action items, and techniques for interaction with prospects.  These tools and concepts will become a solid foundation for our sales process."

L. Kelty – Managing Director


"I walked into this sales training course without a huge idea of sales processes.  As each week went on, I gathered valuable knowledge, hints and tips that allowed me to become more confident when engaging with prospects."

C. McGuire – Sales Support Specialist


"Fear – The Art of Selling taught me that selling is indeed an ‘art’.  By practicing what was learnt in this sales course I can only get better at it, making sales fun!”

C. Kriel - Director


"The knowledge that Tim has on sales is 'amazing'!  The sales course material provided will be my bible from now on.  The tricks and techniques that he has taught me will prepare me for any future sales deals."

S. Prosser – Program Manager


"The sales course was very helpful to me, because it formalized a sale process which I can practice and put into immediate use. The tools and templates are definitely useful."

K. Foo - Channel Sales Manager


"Fear – The Art of Selling was EXTREMELY well planned & executed by using varying teaching methodologies to convey the course material. I am looking forward to implementing these tried & tested sales processes in the field. "

A. Dennis - Senior IT Consultant


"Fear – The Art of Selling provides an excellent overview of the sales process. The role plays throw you into situations where you need to solve real world problems and were very beneficial. I am looking forward to putting all my newly acquired knowledge into practice!"

C. Mulready - IT Consultant


"Fear – The Art of Selling is a very practical and well presented sales training course without all the unnecessary trimmings. "

R. Mortimer - Director


"The sales course provided me with some straight forward but highly effective sales tools to help take the fear out of selling. With practice in the field, I am confident of even greater success!"

A. Austin - Business Development Manager


"Fear – The Art of Selling is a very well thought out course delivered by an engaging sales professional. If you only get the opportunity to do one sales course – DO THIS ONE! "

J. Billson - Managing Director


"Fear – The Art of Selling provided a lot of ideas on how to influence prospects to buy your products, services or solutions and keep the sales process flowing from one stage to the next. "

N. Rosen - BDM


"By attending Fear – The Art of Selling I learnt an EXTREMELY useful & practical sales methodology. In addition to improving my sales skills it also helped me develop further as an individual on a personal level. "

M. Richardson - Manager Infrastructure


"This is a ‘must do’ sales training course for rookie sales people and a great refresher for experienced sales staff. The theory is enjoyable and I am the better for it. The practical exercises are great and bring everything together. Tim is a ‘calming influence’ and a good coach to have on your side. "

Z. Khan - NSW State Manager


"Fear – The Art of Selling provided compact, to-the-point information in a no-nonsense atmosphere. It provided very applicable information that is readily ‘translatable’ to daily work and real life situations.  It has refreshed my existing knowledge, has helped me to re-structure my approach, and has provided me with some new views."

H. Kolkman – Manager Business Development


"Fear – The Art of Selling is a fantastic vehicle for improving all the core competencies of a sales professional.  It’s also very helpful for fine tuning any sales process.  

Highly recommended!"

A. Cook – National Sales Manager 


"The sales training course provides a structured way to build relationships with prospective clients, make the sale and negotiate great outcomes."

Enjoyment 5/6, Learning 6/6 & Relevance 5/6

J. Williams - Team Lead


"There were two stand out differences of the Deakon sales course.  Firstly, the sessions were fast and thus ideal for salespeople, and secondly, the methodologies were simple, ensuring that they can be easily remembered, and most importantly implemented in the field."

L. Trevena – CEO


"The key benefit of this course was that it presented a good framework for sales that I can take back to our organisation and modify to suit our needs – I particularly liked the templates."

M. Pelikan – Senior Analyst 


"Thank you Tim for an AWESOME sales course.  I found the content of Fear – The Art of Selling to be extremely relevant.  It will be greatly beneficial in my current role and for my sales career into the future. I particularly enjoyed the role plays and negotiation sections."

D. Markwell – Sales Manager


"I very much enjoyed all eight weeks of Fear – The Art of Selling. The sales training has been so helpful on many levels.  It has helped boost my confidence.  I have acquired skills that I am sure I will use every day.  Tim is an admirable teacher and an inspiration.  Thank you Tim" 

I. Jazayeri – Sales Executive


"This is a very organised and structure sales training course that covers the strategy of successful relationship selling from a tactical perspective. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"

C. Yeung – Commercial Manager

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