Sunday, 21 January 2018
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This sales training program has identified weaknesses in our sales force ..."

Adrian Bosen / Sales Engineer
SIHI Pumps

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We are proud of the feedback we receive from our clients:

"Fear – the Art of Selling was a very good sales training course. The relationship skills I found most relevant.  I’m learning to consciously think about the feelings my customers are experiencing during every meeting."

C. Stavropoulos – Sales Manager


"I found that no matter how much you may know about the product you are selling, if you are not confident you will struggle.  By providing role plays and all the tools and templates needed in sales, this sales course has given me the confidence to go out there and sell."

R. Michielin – Territory Manager


"The sales training program provided some VERY relevant, practical & easy to implement sales techniques that can be used every day when developing new business opportunities. Of particular value were the units covering Planning, Negotiation & Closing skills."

G. Tresize – Sales Manager


“I liked the dynamics of the group and the role plays really reinforced the sales processes being taught. From now on all sales calls to prospects will be better thought out and structured before I walk through the door.”

D. Alm – Territory Manager


“Fear - The Art of Selling offers a multitude of simple and practical ways to improve engagement for both existing & potential new clients.”

P. Greenwood - Consultant


"This sales training program has identified weaknesses in our sales force / sales processes. We look forward to applying the knowledge provided and achieving increased sales growth."

Adrian Bosen - Sales / Project Engineer








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