Wednesday, 24 January 2018
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I enjoyed how the course was well structured and followed a logical order from week to week.

I have also gained some very useful new sales tactics that I can put into practice in the next year and beyond. "

J. Rosenberg / Business Development

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We are proud of the feedback we receive from our clients:


"The sales training course taught me logical sales techniques to apply throughout the end to end sales process.  It was a professional program with lots of role plays to constantly reinforce key learnings."

Bridget Bray – Business Development Manager


"If I had done this sales course earlier it would have made a greater impact on my ability to sell. I feel more confident about how to sell and I’ve learnt some very useful techniques.  Most importantly, I expect to sell more and make a lot more money in the next year!”

K. Schubert – Manager, Business Development


"I believe that Fear – The Art of Selling has given me the tools to succeed in sales.  The role plays helped in providing me an opportunity to apply the skills and the tactics learnt."

C. H. Lee – Business Development Manager


"There were a lot of valuable insights from this sales training which has helped me to articulate and refine my sales process."

G. Smith – European Commercial Director








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