Wednesday, 24 January 2018
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I should have done this sales training course 10 years ago ..."

G. Doukas / Managing Director
Austab Barcode Systems

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We are proud of the feedback we receive from our clients:


"Even after more than 15 years of sales experience and many sales training courses, Tim’s sales course has provided me with NEW sales tools and fresh ideas that will help me to increase our revenue.  Tim’s sales process is unique and this is the first sales course that I have attended that used regular role plays for me to practice and cement my learnings."

R. Maurer – Managing Director


"Fear is a common thing in sales.  By attending this sales training course, I have become more confident and have adopted a more structured approach to my sales.  This has enabled me to score sizeable deals for my company. You will be amazed with what you can achieve when you have conquered your Fear of the Art of Selling!"

J. Tay - Account Manager


"The sales training classes has been extremely valuable in helping me to better understand the selling process. I highly recommend this course to anyone in sales or business.  I should have done this course 10 years ago!"

G. Doukas - Managing Director


"I have come into these sales training classes without any prior formal sales training. I have found Fear – The Art of Selling to be significant in changing my mindset when approaching sales opportunities and delivering solutions. Excellent course, highly recommended!"

G. Sheppard - Systems Engineer


"Fear – the Art of Selling provided me with new ways to prospect including getting past the receptionist and writing an introduction letter. I also now have the confidence to negotiate and close off deals. Overall the best sales training course I have ever done."

E. Wells - Account Manager


"The negotiation section & role play activities were AWESOME! Being relatively new to selling, ALL of the information & tactics provided will stand me in good stead for a successful & stress free sales career. "

C. Goodwin - Sales Engineer


"Fear – The Art of Selling provided some great tools. I learnt new techniques and enjoyed listening to the views of other sales personnel in other industries. Above all I liked Tim’s humble, straight talking and confident approach."

R. Ramanujam – Business Development Manager


"Being new to sales this course has taught me what I needed to know with no excessive material.  All aspects have been extremely beneficial and will be used constantly."

J. Porter – Managing Director


"Fear – the Art of Selling provided practical ideas that we can begin implementing immediately.  I have no doubt our sales will increase as a result."

M. Ursino – Operations Director


"The sales training course is a well thought out, structured and well resourced enabler for success in sales and marketing. My time was well spent with other professionals and peers."

T. Papadis – Business Development Executive


"Fear – The Art of Selling provided a fresh approach to dealing with long term problems."

M. Grosvero – MD / Hospitality Information Systems


"Fear – The Art of Selling provides a concise and structured approach to not only the art of selling but the science behind it as well." 

L. Richardson – State Sales Manager / Order Mate POS


"Fear – The Art of Selling was an insightful sales course that has unlocked the tools and knowledge to advance my sales career."

T. Gosch – Sales Assistant / TMA Group



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