Wednesday, 24 January 2018
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The sales training seminars were VERY ENJOYABLE and HELPFUL!”

B. Caruana / Technical Rep.

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We are proud of the feedback we receive from our clients:


"The sales training course was VERY ENJOYABLE and HELPFUL! It triggered some important thought processes that need to be employed in negotiating with prospective clients.”

B. Caruana – Technical account Representative


"As a result of the sales course I’ve learnt to structure my visits.  I’ve also improved my technique and developed worthwhile people skills and ideas.  This knowledge has provided me with confidence in my dealings which is crucial to selling.  

To increased sales and income!"

C. Coseski – Sales Manager


"Clarifying the different types of roles in the sales process and their responsibilities / interests will help me focus on who needs to know what in a prospective new account. Knowing the right questions to ask and their correct order will also be beneficial along with all the negotiation skills provided in the sales training course.”

Enjoyment 5/6, Learning 5/6 & Relevance 5/6

M. Bladen – Account Manager




"I enjoyed this course very much.  I hadn’t realised until I finished it how much had already become second nature to me.  I appreciate the overview from start to finish, and the lead generation tips were especially very helpful."

R. Christie – Finance Broker



"The sales training has provided me with a lot of knowledge about how to sell, for example, how to read the prospect and how to qualify the prospect’s needs.  I now have a better understanding of how to solve problems and provide solutions to my customers.  I am also far more confident with my negotiation skills."

J. Zumbo – Technical Sales



"The sales training course provided some great techniques and skills that I know will be very effective.  The role plays were extremely beneficial in putting all the techniques into practice."

K. Norgate - Sales


"I absolutely loved the sales training course!  I have been to many different courses over the years and Fear – The Art of Selling was a stand out in comparison.  It was a refresher in some aspects but over the past eight weeks I also learnt some brand new sale skills.  The sales course is invaluable.  Thanks Tim"

D. Wanigasekera – Business Development Manager


"Fear – The Art of Selling gave me a good understanding of how to prioritize my work.  It also taught me that sales people have to work very hard to understand customers’ needs, and how to use this information to help make a sale."

H. Kani – National Sales Manager (Water-based Ink)


"The logical progression of the sales training course makes it easy to implement Tim’s sales techniques. The practical information provided each week enables you to constantly tweak & improve your own sales skills, therefore increasing sales almost INSTANTLY.

Thanks Tim!"

M. Hancock – Sales Manger



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