Wednesday, 24 January 2018
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The sales training workshops were 100% relevant to real world sales situations ..."

B. Alvarez / Sales Executive

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We are proud of the feedback we receive from our clients:

"Planning and confidence were the two main areas that I wanted to improve upon. Fear – The Art of Selling helped me a lot in both these areas and taught me new skills that I will use forever."

L. Salmond – Account Manager



"Selling is something that comes as almost second nature to me after 20 yrs experience however Fear – The Art of Selling puts everything into perspective so I will be able to be even more successful in the future. "

Colin Joe - Business Development Manager


"The sales processes taught in Fear – The Art of Selling are VERY relevant to today’s complex sales enviroments . Enjoyment - 6/6, Learning 6/6 & Relevance 6/6 "

J. Freund - Business Manager


"Fear – The Art of Selling was well structured, covered all the elements of the sales cycle and presented in a logical and easy to understand format. I would recommend my work colleagues to also attend the course. "

C. McKean - Account Manager


"Tim delivered a thoroughly enjoyable series of sales training seminars which were very relevant to my sales career at LaserFast. I feel that it has pointed me in the right direction to achieve my goals. Thanks Tim."

S. Lakey - Business Development Manager


"The sales training seminars were 100% relevant to real world sales situations. I learnt a lot from attending the program & also looking forward to further developing my sales skills by referring to the workbooks in the future. Thanks Tim – Well worth the investment! "

B. Alvarez - Sales Executive


"The sales training seminars  have given me a huge insight into the areas I need to improve. I will now be able to implement this knowledge into my day to day business practices."

C. Wilson – Sales Consultant


"Fear the Art of Selling has something for everyone, regardless of their experience or skill set.  It has been the most complete and adaptable sales training course for professional B2B sales that I have come across."

F. Karabelas -  BDM


"Fear the Art of Selling helped me to break down the sales process to make sales easier.  The ‘Negotiation Skills’ module was for me the most useful part of the course and will definitely lead to more profitable sales."

D. Cowling – Sales Manager


"This sales training course has helped me put my focus back into sales.  The new ideas and excitement that Tim conveyed has re-kindled my passion for sales.  Let’s go get them – seize the day! "

Z. Cvetkovski – Business Development Manager

"The course was an outstanding combination of all the best sales concepts out there, together with real life ‘one percenters’ that differentiate the great sales people from the mediocre. 

Tim is clearly someone whose results demonstrate that he is an elite salesman as well as a great trainer.”

R. Colonnello – BDM / Toshiba Australia


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