Wednesday, 24 January 2018
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I feel infused with valuable practical sales techniques that can be implemented immediately ..."

P. Haddad / Sales Consultant
Gallay Medical & Scientific

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We are proud of the feedback we receive from our clients:


"I found the Fear – The Art of Selling sales course very informative and educational.  It has highlighted some key deficiencies in my previous sales techniques.  The tools provided in the course will definitely help my sales process!"

C. Benson - Product Manager


"Fear – The Art of Selling can be applied to all different types of selling.  A great experience that I will apply in the long term."

J. Mitchell – Production & Sales




"I have achieved more success and more consecutive wins in the last few months since beginning this course than I have achieved in the past 4 years.  Thank you Tim."

J. Apostolidis – Account Manager / Sterihealth 



"The sales training gives you great ideas on how to improve your sales skills. Now its time for me to implement them!"

A. Mahoney – Sales Executive



"The sales course was fast paced.  I obtained a lot of sales knowledge through the different and effective delivery methods.  Tim – you’ve done your homework and now I have the tools to do mine."

S. Glasbergen – Clinical Applications Specialist



"The sales training workshops were excellent and all played an integral part in the final week’s series of role plays. The knowledge I have acquired over the 8 week programme will be extremely beneficial out in the real world."

J. Robin - Instrument Specialist


"I found the planning, prospecting & relationships units to be very useful and they will all help towards marketing to my existing clients. Great presentations - Thanks Tim!"

C. Saillland - Sales & Technical Specialist


"Fear – The Art of Selling was EXCELLENT! The sales training program was particularly well though out and presented. The material was relevant and covered all of the aspects of the sales process thoroughly and in an easy to learn environment."

M. Vespa - Account Manager


"I enjoyed the systematic and methodical approach towards the strategies surrounding sales and negotiations. Fear – The Art of Selling certainly improved my sales technique and much of the material will be incorporated into my sales repertoire."

J. Karkaloutsos - Sales Engineer


"The sales training workshops were well organised, information flowed and was very professionally presented. The facilitator was also confident and resourceful."

S. Beke – Territory  Manager


"I feel infused with valuable practical sales techniques that can be implemented immediately into my every day sales processes. Fear – The Art of Selling was highly interactive and engaging and I particularly enjoyed the sections on letter writing, investigation & prospecting skills.

P. Haddad – Sales Consultant


A quick word of thanks for putting on such a helpful and informative course. I'm working faster and dealing with customers more efficiently already! Now to make my first million ...

D. Moran - Product Manager


"Being new to sales, these sales training workshops have helped me to understand the sales process better (particularly targeted sales). The role playing is of great benefit, especially being put under the microscope and receiving constructive feedback.

Thanks Tim!”

P. Dumanski – Territory Manager


"I found the sales course very useful in many different areas. The course modules which I found particularly useful were those on how to get access to the ‘right’ customers, qualifying their worth, and effectively structuring face to face meetings."

J. Carroll – Sales Manager – Australia / NZ


"The sales training was very enjoyable and I learnt a lot of new selling skills that will assist me in my day to day work."

A. Baker – Area Sales Manager


"Too many sales people have not been trained or educated well in the building of funnels and the progressing of these prospects to finally close the deal.  The Fear – The Art of Selling sales course does this; it has also given me renewed enthusiasm and excitement to sell!”.

R. Lee – Sales & Solutions Manager


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