Sunday, 21 January 2018
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I wish I had attended Fear – The Art of Selling when I was starting out 20 years ago ..."

D. Jackson / Sales Manager
Air Technology Group

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We are proud of the feedback we receive from our clients:


"A logical and POWERFUL series of sales training classes that provide high impact tools to teach technical sales people how to successfully close new business opportunities."

M. Hollingsworth - Business Line Manager


"The sales training classes provide a realistic & in-depth overview of today’s selling environment. I have attended a lot of sales training programs and this is one of the best I have done. "

R. Rohringer - Business Development Manage


"SIMPLE – I will be recommending Fear – The Art of Selling to our management team."

P. Tearle - Sales Engineer


"The sales training classes have provided me with a new set of tools & sales strategies that can be applied when targeting senior management involved in the decision making process. "

D. Pluijmers - NSW Technical Sales Manager


"Attending Fear – The Art of Selling has provided me with sales tools I wouldn’t have considered and will provide a more focused direction for our sales team. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND attending it to others!"

M. Healley - Sales Manager


"I wish I had attended these sales training classes when I was starting out 20 years ago. I have learnt a great deal over the past 8 weeks and both my sales team & I are looking forward to achieving greater results by putting this knowledge into practice."

D. Jackson - Sales Manager


"Fear – the Art of Selling was very thought provoking. The sales training classes provided me with many new ideas and techniques that are simple but effective. "

S. Reihana - State Manager


"The sales training classes really showed me how specific questioning techniques can be used to extract the required information from prospects to increase my level of sales success."

T. Coombs – Sales Engineer


“Tim knows what he is talking about and I would recommend these sales training classes to any salesperson who wants to know how to get into new places and speak to the people that matter!”

J. Baker – Internal Sales


"Fear - The Art of Selling is VERY informative, based on real world applications and focused on complex sales environments."

A. Hunter - Sales Engineer


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