Wednesday, 24 January 2018
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I was VERY IMPRESSED by the templates for writing introduction letters ... "

D. Lomax / Service Engineer


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We are proud of the feedback we receive from our clients:


"Fear – The Art of Selling is so far removed from any other sales training course I have attended because it is actually full of new ideas. I was VERY IMPRESSED by the templates for writing introduction letters and practical tips on how to deal with objections. THANKS! Tim "

D. Lomax - Service Engineer


"Over the last 4 days, I have learnt an enormous about myself. Hunting is an art form and this sales training course in an excellent tool to help improve the skills needed to be successful."

S. Parks - Product Manager


"I found the sales training course to be exceptionally well focused & beneficial. As a result, I will be using many of the templates provided. "

R. Clifford - Technical Sales


"Fear – The Art of Selling flows well from week to week by expanding your thoughts and improving your personal selling techniques. I found the sales training course to be enjoyable and very relevant to our industry."

M. Parfuss – Sales Representative


“I have discovered the importance of forming relationships. I can now see more clearly just how important it is to ask the right questions in a complex sale in order to get prospects divulging the information I need to know.”

R. Dwelly – Sales Engineer


“I have come away from this sales training course with knowledge that will improve my sales skills and would recommend Fear – The Art of Selling to my work colleagues.”

C. Barui – Sales Representative


“Tremendous overview of high level selling techniques ... I am looking forward to putting them into practice in the coming weeks."

P. Longhurst – Product Manager


"Fear – The Art of Selling has given my new business venture the platform to go from a successful business to an outstanding success.”

B. Sheppard – Managing Director


"I really enjoyed attending this sales training course as it has helped refine some important sales skills. The information & notes provided were very beneficial and will be a great asset throughout the rest of my sales career."

M. Stranges - Sales Excutive


“By attending Fear – The Art of Selling I have acquired a number of new sales skills & techniques that can be easily applied in real life situations. I believe that this knowledge will help me achieve greater sales results.”

David Lu – Applications Engineer


"Fear – The Art of Selling has really opened my eyes and made me look at sales from a different point of view.  I leave the sales course with 100% more selling confidence than when I began.”

A. Williams – Internal Sales Engineer


"The sales training was very helpful and insightful. I now have an clear understanding of how various sales outcomes are achieved.”

D. Pritchett – Managing Director


"Tim’s sales training course helped me to identify all the correct activities that should be carried out during the sales process.  It taught me how to get the steps of the sales cycle into a logical order that will help me to close sales quicker. 

A great sales course even after 20 years of sales!”

B. Bryant – Business Development Manager 


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