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Our purpose is to increase our client's revenue & profits and reduce their expenses...

... we also aim to shorten the sales cycle and enable companies to achieve more with fewer resources."

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Company Overview 

Deakon Pty Ltd. was established in 2005 to improve the NEW Business Development skills of professional Business-To-Business (B2B) sales people in MelbourneBrisbane & Sydney. We employ a team of highly skilled specialists including Sales Trainers, Organisational Psychologists & Business Development Managers. Each member of our staff has a minimum of 15 - 20 years practical experience and is recognised as an expert in their field.

Our mission is to increase our client's productivity & profits and reduce expenses. We also aim to enhance customer loyalty, decrease staff turnover, improve self-management within the sales team, shorten the sales cycle and enable companies to achieve more with fewer resources. We accomplish these measurable improvements by offering a range of professional services including Sales TrainingSales Recruitment & Sales Consulting.

We deliver these services to a diverse range of industries including IT, Telecommunications, Software, Automation, Electronics, Medical, Scientific, Industrial, Manufacturing & Professional Services. Our clients many of whom are involved in Technical Sales roles range from very small businesses through to Fortune 500 companies. 

If you are looking for a partner to help improve your sales team’s skills, planning to hire new sales staff, after some specialist consulting advice or simply interested in your own personal development, then we can help.

Deakon are proud of our reputation in the market and the results we deliver to our clients. We receive over 98% positive feedback and have hundreds of testimonials from satisfied clients including – Leading Solutions, DWS Consulting, NEC, Sharp Direct, Ricoh, Samsung, Lanier, Fuji Xerox, Agilent Technologies, NHP, Eaton & Atlas Copco 

Sales Training Differentiators

What makes Deakon different from other companies offering Sales Training services is that we provide our clients with much more than keynote speeches or motivational “quick fix” sales seminars.  We understand that memory can fade quickly even after the most inspiring sales seminars.

Immediately following - participants often “feel good” and plan to put into action the ideas they’ve just heard but within 48 hours most individuals can only remember a few one-liners, power phrases or acronyms. As a result, no permanent change occurs in their sales performance.

We deliver long-term sales training programs that continually leverage off information provided in earlier classes to gradually build up a participant’s knowledge and to provide them with the opportunity to practice their newly acquired sales skills in a controlled environment. This ensures that every individual who attends one our public access or corporate sales training workshops is thoroughly “trained” in the habits and techniques of the best salespeople.

Most importantly we provide participants with practical sales tools & templates to use in their ongoing prospecting activities to reinforce what they have learnt in the sales training program. There is a world of difference between the so-called “quick fix” sales training and the reinforcement sales training provided by Deakon. Effective sales training demands reinforcement which takes time to help individuals and companies make significant and lasting changes.

Deakon are experts at training people involved in Technical Sales roles and anyone selling complex solutions. Our facilitators all come from Technical Sales backgrounds and understand people involved in Technical Sales roles. We don’t try to be everything to everyone and deliver our services to the industries / market segments that we understand.

Having the opportunity to spend thirty plus hours face-to-face with some of Australia’s most successful Business Development Managers is the key to our effectiveness.

Sales Training Guarantee

Our guarantee is very simple; we are committed to helping your sales team make a difference to your bottom line. Furthermore, we believe you're entitled to a good return on your sales training investment. If our sales training courses fail to meet reasonable expectations, we will do whatever it takes to correct the situation, including refunding 100% of our sales training fee.

We take the risk, so you don't have to; it doesn't get any simpler than that! 

Getting Started

It has been our experience, and the experience of our clients that the first step in creating, implementing and then sustaining a “NEW Business Development - Sales Culture” is that it must have the full support and commitment of the senior management team. The best and simplest way for senior managers to become acquainted with our sales training programs is to arrange for an on-site Executive Overview.

The Executive Overview is flexible & interactive, runs for approximately 30 min, provides senior management with a conceptual understanding of the sales training material and very clear understanding of the business benefits the organization will gain. This meeting is critical to ensure they are on board and understand the effort and commitment required to effectively implement change in the sales team.

To speak to one our consultants - simply click on the Contact Us tab.

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